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Before the age of compact cars, laptop computers and pocket telephones, there were miniature nuclear warheads. As for engineers, one of their goals is - working on making complicated things smaller and better — and weapons are no exception.

The earnestly awaited iPhone X has been unveiled, with the Apple firm celebrating their tenth year of mobile device production at its much-developed Apple occasion on Tuesday.

After the disastrous launch of the Galaxy Note 7, which saw explosive sales until the moment it started exploding, Samsung considered dropping the Note altogether. It surveyed thousands of Note owners to see just how sullied the name had become—and found nothing but love.

In the far north of India, a cold mountain desert is the stunning backdrop to an unprecedented icy structure. Water is scarce in the deserts, thus discovering a water body in a desert is a priceless. However, can an artificially made ice mountain be the solution to to help Farmers grow their crops?