If you're a betting person and you are still holding on to the hope of winning that golden jackpot, or hitting a life changing sum in one go, just snap out of it!

Chances are you're never going to...

There is the story of John; who has for the past four years clung onto the hope that he would one day hit that golden buzzer. No need to tell you he is still digging down in that mine, and chances are "he ain't gonna find no gold"

Many of you will relate to John; week upon week you have put together the perfect slip, only

for that one team to mess up what seemed a "sure banker". The cycle seems endless; each

time it's just that one team, and it keeps happening over and over again; you place a win on Barcelona and they somehow conspire to lose to Getafe...Or you bank all your hopes on a

certain Chelsea win, and they capitulate and lose 4-0 at home to Stoke! That one loss ends up ruining your entire 10, 15, 20 game slip....

This keeps happening, not because you don't know your football, but because you're going

about it the wrong way...

Now, I don't profess to be a tipster, but I most certainly do consider myself a smart better.

And I want to teach you, so don't be like John, be like me.

The first rule of the bet is...grow some balls...No one ever hit a jackpot who didn't have any

balls. You are certainly going to lose some money initially, but if you go about this right, you

are going to gain much more than you lose, so consider it an investment; don’t be scared to

put your money up!

The second rule of the bet is...do not always look to the obvious. Many a rookie has fallen to the classic rookie stake…

Real Madrid-Eibar      Madrid

Barcelona-Real Betis   Barcelona

Bayern Munich-Koln   Bayern Munich

Man City- Burnley    Man City

These are the kind of games that are most likely to mess you up, and even more annoyingly

come with the lowest odds. A Barca or Madrid game against one of the La Liga minnows will

fetch you at best odds of 1.12. The same goes for any of the other elite super powers in any

of the other leagues coming up against their lesser endowed foes.

So my advice is, unless the elite are playing against each other or at least a mid table team,

avoid them because the odds available are not worth the potential upset.


NB: untill the new season is well into full gear, and we are sure of which AC Milan and Inter

Milan are going to turn up, steer clear of these two. Apart from Juventus, I am inclined also to advice total abstinence from Serie A; last season was one of the most volatile for those who

placed bets in this league. The Inconsistency and unpredictability of the teams made for a torrid

betting season.


My third rule and most important tip for this week is avoid the long slips:

This has been my secret and greatest weapon. The trick is not to win one big jackpot, which

most likely will not happen, but to consistently win smaller jackpots week in week out. This can best be achieved by dividing your eggs into many different baskets. So instead of placing a 50 cedi or 100 cedi bet all on one 10 or 15 game slip, place 3 or 4 bets each of 10 or 20 cedis

with different permutations for each. DO NOT repeat any game on any of your sheets; If one

game does not go through; you ruin all your other slips.


The final tip for this week is Mix it up...

Football isn't the only sport out there. There are many other sports which you can bet on, with some less riskier than others. Football is infact the riskiest of the lot; not only because each

game has three possible outcomes (win-draw-loss) but because football teams generally have

the habit of being nastily unpredictable.

Tennis for instance has only two possible outcomes (win or lose), whilst in other sports like

baseball and rugby, it is almost impossible for a draw to occur. Other sports like American football and Ice hockey offer juicy odds but are a bit more unpredictable than baseball for instance,so if you are not yet an expert I advise you steer clear of those.

That’s it for this episode…watch out for more tips next time