The controversial marriage counsellor and sex therapist, Rev. George Lutterodt, has said that dating should not exceed 18 months. Counsellor Lutterodt made this statement yesterday during GH One TV’s ‘Tales from the powder room’ show hosted by AJ Sarpong.

According to him, people who date for many years (exceeding 18 months) are not focused in life, don’t really love each other and end up divorcing soon after they marry. He explained that when someone dates for long, the person becomes emotionally attached to his/her lover and end up marrying the person despite their incompatibility.

Counsellor Lutterodt’s assertions didn’t sit well for his co-panelists who had contradicting views. One of them, Nana Kwame (relationship healer and love coach) stated emphatically that he dated his wife for 11 years and their marriage has been very successful so what Counsellor Lutterodt was saying is baseless. To him, there are dynamics in relationships so it is flawed to establish strict rules for it.  

The seemingly incorrigible counsellor however remained unconvinced and insisted, “After 18 months of dating, you should break up with your partner if he/she doesn’t marry you.”

He advanced that “people who marry after age 31 stay in marriage.” He saw no need for people to start dating right from high school or at the university since those stages of their lives are meant for building career and personality. “If you are not ready to marry, don’t go into a relationship.”, he finalized. 

Is it non-factual or rather a misguided generalization to say that long relationships end up in unsuccessful marriages? You be the judge.


It was this same man that came under intense criticism in a year ago for stating that women should not to marry men who cannot take care of them.

In an interview with Graphic Showbiz, he suggested that a lot of those criticisms were the results of poor media reports. He warned the media as bloggers (especially those who reported him wrongly) to be careful of their actions.

"If you quote me verbatim, I am ok, but if you misquote me, then you are bringing the wrath of God over your life,” he said. The marriage counsellor said he had to call one blogger to apologize and retract some "lies" written about him "I think that people must learn that we do not insult. Many say I am harsh but I believe I am straightforward and passionate about what I do,” he added.

On the 8th of February this year, the same counsellor was seen under the spotlight after proclaiming that the TV presenter, Nana Aba Anamoah and actress, Joselyn Dumas cannot get married.

The famous counselor continued that, Kwabena Kwabena’s current relationship will never end up in marriage and Gifty Osei marriage will also not stand because marriages of gospel musicians with pastors or men of God tend to end in divorce.

“Nana Aba Anamoah cannot get married. Likewise, Joselyn Dumas and Kwabena Kwabena’s current relationship will also not end well,” he said.

Surprisingly, this controversial counsellor is seemingly enjoying the fun of being under the spotlight of the media. Whether he is saying the truth for a good cause or it is a strategy to get famous, no one knows.

From one outrageous punch line to the other, he has established himself as the controversial counsellor who rarely goes a month without dropping something worthy of debate and disdain in equal measure.

Hate him or love him, you look forward to hearing his next opinion and you’d admit that he rarely disappoints however disappointed it makes you.

Going by the title Reverend Minister, it becomes difficult for people to put him in his place because in Ghana we have a hypocritical way of treating men who come in the name of God unless it has to do with NDC and NPP.

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