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One of the world’s prominent transport services, Uber, known for their capability of providing quality transport services and luxury at affordable rates to their customers decided to expand their territories by exploring the land of Africa.

Sex Dolls has become an alternative for masturbation................

You remember when portraying bad manners meant just greeting an elderly person with the left hand or talking whilst eating? Today, the scope of bad manners has broadened. With all our mobile devices (whether i-Pad, ‘i-Yam’ or China branded Android phones and tablets), we can be rude anywhere at any time.

It was a busy day like any other day of my internship program schedule at the dieteraphy unit of the La general hospital. I was assisting the head nutritionist in dietary counselling of a patient who was from consultancy with the doctor and had been newly diagnosed of diabetes. She (the patient) looked desperate and said many times that she couldn’t believe the diagnosis to be true and suspected it to be a spiritual ailment her evil family members had chanted upon her life.