But any last-minute hitches, Lawrence Abrokwa, the grieved ex of nonconformist radio mediator, on-screen character and comedienne, Afia Schwarzenegger, would be charged under the watchful eye of court today.

Abrokwa is depended upon to appear before the Accra Domestic Violence and Gender-Based Court to answer charges of assault, the danger of fiendishness and dispersion of the foul material.

His energetically anticipated appearance in court today takes after a botched up attempt last Friday.

The Arrest of Abrokwa

The separated mate of Afia was arrested on August 30, 2017, when an official contradiction of a demanded attack was gotten from the performing specialist and TV middle person, insinuated in private life as Valentina Nana Agyeiwaa.

He was exhorted and discharged that day while examinations were at the same time ceaseless, however his mobile phone was seized.

That same day, police had information of Afia's video going viral by means of electronic-systems-administration media and examinations showed that the wellspring of the said video – exhibiting Afia's presentation and the man she was said to be laying down with – could be Abrokwa.

The telephone was reallocated in light of the fact that the police assumed that it was the device he used to record the obscene video.

It is, in any case, vague whether Abrokwa is the individual who released the stripped video of the asserted bad form including his significant other and another man by means of electronic systems administration media.

In any case, Maurice Ampaw, the lawyer for Abrokwa, is represented to have said that his client is set up to answer the charges favored against him, requesting that the court would need to exhibit that it was Abrokwa who discharged the video to general society.

News broke starting late that the vociferous on-screen character was gotten in bed with another man hardly nine months into her marriage.

Abrokwa purportedly met Afia and her sweetheart in the conjugal curious little hotel troubled mate as far as anyone knows recorded the scene.



Caught In Action

In the under three minutes' video, Afia Schwarzenegger was seen wearing a headscarf and clad in a white towel endeavoring to shield her private parts from the camera.

She was heard yelling and groaning while her significant other tried her, in Twi, "Is that how you are?'

She was clearly restless of the threat of being spread with destructive by her significant other, as she bounced beginning with one corner of the room then onto the following.

Reports demonstrate that the man being alluded to (sweetheart) is a Ghanaian-based master, who had purportedly been possessed with an enthusiastic sexual relationship with Schwarzenegger going before and after her marriage to Lawrence Abrokwa.

In the video, Abrokwa was heard saying he had been the partner the extra-matrimonial endeavors with his loved one until the point that he got her in the demonstration with the said man.

Abrokwa purportedly walked around the room when both Afia and her "man" were uncovered and under a green duvet.


They both stood up in total stagger with the man attempting to cover his introduction with the duvet while being tended to in case he didn't understand that Afia was a hitched woman.

The man, who is around 40 years of age, without a word, fled the room in simply some dim boxer shorts, forsaking his textures after Abrokwa had undermined to pour destructive on him.

Afia was moreover watched asking the companion, obviously got a handle on with fear, when the man undermined to cleanse the substance of a holder he ensured was destructive all finished to twist her.

Tit for tat

In the meantime, Abrokwa has parried the affirmations by Afia that he was in like manner having extramarital endeavor with their home offer help.

He believes the claim is an attempt by Afia to legitimize her unfaithfulness.

Abrowa is referred to as having expressed, "I'm a better than average individual who respects each and every other individual I go over. Because of that, I'm regularly favored by people I keep running into. I had no negative desires for our home manager. How she is a cleaning authority doesn't mean I should carelessness and mishandled her. I didn't have any sexual relationship with her. In case she (Afia) understood that I was bonking the house manager, why did she hold up until the point that I got her with another man in our wedding home before turning out with this attestation?"