Ghanaian hip-hop artiste Darryl Paa Kwesi Bannerman-Martin, known in showbiz circles as Joey b has expressed his unhappiness with the ills in the music industry.

According to the “Tonga Hitmaker”, Ghanaian musicians in the past were always active but the situation is not the same in recent times.

“Let’s take it back to 2012 /2013; today you hear Keche play some tunes or some artist doing something here but now it’s like everyone is just…I’m not happy in the industry, I’m not happy”, he said.
He added that he could hardly count a lot of artistes who, in his opinion, are currently reigning in the music industry.

“So Danny was like give me top 10 artistes who are currently doing it and we got to like 4, and I was like wait its true though”, he added.

Speaking in an interview with an Accra based radio station on Thursday he lamented that this situation has dampened his taste for today’s Ghanaian music.

“Back then I used to enjoy Ghanaian music so much……. I miss when every song was a hit on radio… Now it’s like everyone wants a hit and that shouldn’t be the main focus. No, Back then they were doing music for music”, He lamented.

Meanwhile Joey B also touched on the current state of his relationship with fellow artiste and collaborator Pappy Kojo.

“People have asked me this so many times, we’re super good but we are not as close as we used to be. You know people grow. I got to know Pappy on Twitter and he has his people already and I can’t show you what to do”, he said.

The two were good friends and collaborated to come out with hit songs, “Wave” and “Makoma”. However, as their careers continued to progress, the pair parted ways to focus on their solo endeavours which caused fans to wonder if there was a hidden beef that transpired between the two.

How Pappy Kojo Feels about Joey B

Jason Gaisie, also known as Pappy Kojo admits that his fellow colleague Joey B is responsible for his success in the music industry. He made this known publicly when he tweeted his page to commemorate Joey B's 28th birthday.

In a passionate manner he tweeted;
“There wouldn’t be no Pappy Kojo without Joey B. He’s responsible, forever grateful, happy birthday Beezy!”

Yes, We Fought

Usually, you will find the duo hanging out or rocking shows together but very little has seen of the two lately. That alone was a message on it's own that Pappy Kojo and Joey B seem not to be in good terms.

Pappy Kojo has shed light on his current relations with Tonga hit maker and prior to the statements he made, it’s not as people think it to be.

Speaking to a presenter who wished to know what was happening between Pappy Kojo and Joey B after the former’s performance at Ko-Jo Cue’s Concert at the Alliance Francaise in Accra, Ghana, Pappy Kojo disclosed just as brothers would do, “they fought”. Yes, Joey B and Pappy Kojo “fought”. “That’s my brother. Brothers fight. Do you have a brother? You fight with your brother right? Exactly”, he told the presenter.

However, he stands his ground that they're on good terms as Joey B claims. Recently, Pappy Kojo showed the world his love for Joey B when he tattooed the latter’s name on his arm.

Notwithstanding what might have caused the duo to split apart, I believe fans will be thrilled to hear from these two artistes once again. In my opinion, they are like P-Square: they do better together than on their own.