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The Police have discovered slabs of weed at the University of Ghana site at Kpong. However, the identity or the whereabouts of the culprits involved remains a mystery.

Not all heroes wear capes and fancy costumes. In the same manner, not all heroes are found in traditional tales and educational textbooks. All it took to make this man a hero of many was an unquenchable ambition, a beard, and a motorcycle.

According to Mr. Francis Boakye, The Deputy Chief Information Manager in charge of infrastructure at the University of Ghana Computing System (UGCS), applicants are supposed to do a second follow up of their online registration.

The capital city of Ghana (i.e. Accra) has been ranked the 10th wealthiest city in Africa. Accra won the 10th place in a list made up of 23 African cities that are known to be the homes of millionaires and successful entrepreneurs in a report published by AfrAsia Bank and New World Wealth.