Past students of the Kumasi Technical University (KTU), are ready to fight with the school's authorities over the undue deferral in issuing them with their 'Certificates and Testimonials' since two years ago when the said party finished reading their courses in the institution.

The distressed party, who say they are stranded in light of the fact that nobody will utilize them with the temporary transcripts given to them after two years from completion, are requiring government's intercession to enable them to hold their graduation function which will completely make them qualified to have their declarations as graduates.

Up until this point, the party (the gathering of past students from KTU) claims they have received nothing of a certificate sort, neither have they gotten their declarations - however, they have appropriately finished their different courses of study.

They contend that because of the conservative hardship and joblessness rate in the nation; it is troublesome (almost impossible) for them to get employed by the various organizations they've been chasing without testaments.

On Kumasi based Fox Fm, a few understudies in a meeting uncovered that, since their finish in 2015/2016 scholarly year, no exertion has been made to hold a graduation function for them, in other words, the issue of their testaments is seemingly ignored by the University.

"Till date, there is no Governing Council to settle on choices regarding when our graduation will be held. On the off chance that legislature can mediate and set up an overseeing chamber, no less than two weeks will be sufficient for KTU to graduate us. For the time being, our graduation is long past due; accordingly, all we look for will be for the president to give an Executive Order for KTU administration to do precisely what they should improve the situation us. This is all we ask from the president" - Kuma Alfred Brown a former understudy of the University uncovered.

The understudies additionally certified they trust President Akufo Addo can complete their demand for them, if not, they promise to take actions regardless the consequence involved. Focusing on that, what the college has so far given them is a commonplace transcript which most representatives swing not to acknowledge for work searchers.