Are you lost in thoughts, having no one to turn to? Is your marriage breaking down or probably your instincts tell you that your partner is cheating? Do you need help getting a life coach to help you make the right choices?

In a world where finding a trustworthy friend to confide in or a shoulder to lean upon is hard to find, a handful of men have made the difference by defying the status quo. One of them is a David Papa Bondze – Mbir.

David Papa Bondze – Mbir

Mr. David is a writer who has gone beyond the love for creativity by causing positive change in the lives of the people he comes into contact with. He gives the perfect description of himself in his Facebook profile – “I write not only by words but with actions.

Mr. David is a friend to all and a discriminator of none (standing as the inverse of the term racism). He can be described as Sherlock Holmes’ copy due to his passion for unraveling the solutions to every problem/challenge presented to him. Through his ability to write, Bondze – Mbir has made himself available to the world at large.

“I have the ability to confront complex problems, ask the right questions and come out with workable solutions” – David Papa Bondze – Mbir.


The Man without societal labels.

Seeking nothing in return, Bondze – Mbir render services (which comes in diverse forms) to anyone who contacts him for help. Like Houdini, David seeks to crack the code of every problem he encounters (either from a friend or something he’s dealing with).

Using a platform (named Case Study), which he created himself, David is able to make the above statement a reality.  Case Study can be described as a writing series that is made up of real life stories from real people where each case is address with utmost diligence. However, Mr. David excludes their real names to protect the privacy as well as the lives of his friends.

Using his influence, David has been able to bring together like-minded people to help make the society a better place to live in by creating an avenue for us to be our brother’s keeper. Through the case study project of Mr. Bondze – Mbir, marriages have been sustained, the lives of people in need of funds for medicinal treatments saved, important issues in our communities addressed; just to mention a few among the lot.

If you’re to ever ask him how he thinks of himself, he’ll probably look at you and quote these word to you – “I have the virtue of taking a stand to accomplish the impossible. This implies a new way of looking at things which clearly goes against the status quo.

How would the world be if everyone was like David Mbir? If we want to see change, it starts with us. David Papa Bondze – Mbir has proved that the world can and will be better when we put our differences aside and let love reign. When we bear one another’s weight in love, expecting nothing in return. If you need a friend to talk to… Bondze – Mbir will always be there for you.