Do you know that the whole of Africa lacks the basic resources needed to treat Spinal Cord Damage cases? Baffour Awuah, a patient recovering from Spinal Damage revealed to the pain and struggle victims go through, the cost involved and how Doctors in Ghana are doing it wrong. He needs your intervention  to undergo the final treatment as well as build a foundation to support people going through similar conditions.


The Media can be viewed as one of the greatest tools that the advancement of technology enriched the 21st Century with.

It can be compared to a similar technological invention (i.e. electricity), in the characteristics of it being a good servant but a bad Master. Although the Media has been branded by some folks as a “tool of the devil”, there are a couple of men who have used it efficiently to either affect the lives of other individuals or make something meaningful out of their lives by reaching greater milestones in the History of mankind.

One of such people is a Ghanaian called Baffour Awuah Tabury. Here is the story of a young man, mid-30’s, with big dreams which were shattered abruptly by an accident attained some years back as a final year student of the University of Cape Coast (UCC) yet he found something worthwhile to pursue which turns out to answer the cry of many.



“I got down from a vehicle I had boarded like any day and attempted to close the door when the car reversed abruptly and knocked me out – It was the door of the car that jammed me.   

I became paralyzed that very moment and was rushed to Effia-Nkwanta Regional hospital for treatment. I was later informed I’ve developed a spinal cord injury. The regional Hospital did not possess the resources needed to treat me so I was transferred to the Korle Bu teaching hospital.

Due to the injury I attained, I couldn’t dispose organic waste (urine and bowel) for more than 2 weeks. I was later placed on catheter, which helped with the urine disposal only. Mr. Baffour Awuah Tabury Receiving Treatment



After a series of examinations (CT scans, X-rays, MIR’s, etc.) had taken place at the Korle BU Teaching Hospital, the conclusion was that I have developed a T12 spinal cord injury. I had to undergo an operation twice. The first operation was meant to decompress the spine to relieve the pressure on the spinal cord and nerve roots whiles the second operation was to treat the hematoma (A localized swelling filled with blood) I developed after the first operation.

After I had undergone two successful operations, I was discharged from Korle-Bu to undergo physiotherapy in Effia-Nkwanta regional hospital. The worst part of my story is that after the two successful operations, I still couldn't control my urine and bowel movement. I battle with severe pains, spasms, tingling and burning sensations and this did not give me a chance to sleep. Ever since I attained the injury in 2007, I cannot boast of sleeping more than 3-hours maximum in every 24-hours.


As a result of my tragedy, I’ve been taken to different churches, clinics, hospitals and herbal homes, but none of them produce the miracle I have been praying for.




Luckily, some American doctors came to Ghana, Takoradi, Fijai to be specific for run a charity program and a friend took me there. They examined me and asked me to try the stem cell therapy treatment. They also gave me a website address of a stem cell clinic in Panama, which I was told to contact. I contacted them and was made to forward my medical records and some forms for the medical doctors to go through.

I received a mailed and it reads that “I was eligible for the stem cell therapy treatment and it’s going to cost me $32,400 (GH¢ 143,370 or 1.4 billion old Ghana cedis).